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These first 2 are hugely important.  We cannot stress this enough. ANY violations will severely jeopardize the possibility of us ever holding this event again.  Please read carefully.  Thank you in advance for your complete compliance.


1. Under Tennessee law, NO alcoholic beverages are permitted on the school grounds at any time. 

2. Firearms are not permitted either (only the race starter's pistol and color guard arms are permitted). Any violation will be immediately dealt with by the Alcoa police department. PLEASE respect and abide by these state laws.

3. Dogs: Dogs are not permitted in the school facility or on school grounds either at any time (excepting licensed service dogs on active duty). (The school property extends down Lodge Street to Springbrook Road where the Greenway Trail is.) Our insurance specifically will not cover any liability arising from our canine friends. As much as we love dogs, they are not welcome at any time during this event. Please leave them at home or with a caring friend while you are here. This applies to all race participants (runners, volunteers, crews, families, friends, etc.). 

IMPORTANT!! Alcoa School Property:  Please respect all of the school campus. Make sure all trash makes it into the trash cans...even if it isn't yours.  WE MUST LEAVE THE FACILITY AT LEAST AS CLEAN AS WE FOUND IT OR WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO RETURN IN THE FUTURE! This cannot be over emphasized!

Course: You must correctly follow the course for the distance you are registered for. Even though they are on the same trail, each distance has a different course (number and length of laps), so do not just follow the runner in front of you. Any deviation from the prescribed course will result in disqualification. If you are not able to acccuarately follow the printed information, signage, and marked course directions, then this race isn't for you. It is not every volunteer's responsibilty to know exactly what course each entrant is doing and how many laps they have completed so far, and what you have left to do. It is solely yours.

Headphones: Our insurance discourages headphones/earbuds, but does not prohibit them. If you chose to wear headphones/earbuds, just use common sense and stay aware of your surroundings and the others on the course. If you are situationally challenged, perhaps just put in one earbud???

Permitted Ages: All ages are permitted. Any minors must have a legal guardian present at all times. Both parties MUST sign the waiver. The legal guardian is totally responsible to make sure the minor is adequately trained and prepared for this event, and for their health, safety, and well being throughout the entire event. The legal guardian must be with the minor at all times while the minor is participating in the event. We reserve the right to disqualify the minor and remove them from the event if the legal guardian is not present.

Baby Joggers: Runners with a single occupied baby jogger are permitted, providing they meet the following conditions: 1) The guardian MUST notify the check-in staff that they will be using a baby jogger and also sign a waiver for the jogger occupant during check-in. 2) They are only permitted during daylight hours. 3) They must start at the back of the pack for their particular contest. 4) Extreme care must be excercised at all times to prevent the jogger from hitting or impeding anyone else at all times during the entire event, whether before, during, or after their contest. 5) They must stay to the right side of the trail at all times unless and only while passing someone slower. 6) They must always call out to/notify other slower trail users sufficently before overtaking them. 7) They must yield way to all other trail users. 8) They must not "leap frog" other trail users. 9) They must not use any headphones, earbuds, or other lisitening devices. 10) If race management deems them to be a hazard or other issue, they must be willing to either continue without the jogger (after transferring it to another guardian) or discontinue the contest altogether.

Litter: There are trash cans along the route. Use them. We want the municipal authorities to be glad they permitted us to hold this event. DON’T LITTER! There is no maid service or clean up for this race—you are it! Anyone littering is subject to disqualification and may be asked to leave the event immediately.

Time Limits: 1 mile-8 hours, 10 mile-8 hours, 5 minutes; 50K (relay and solo)-32 hours, 5 minutes; 50 mile-20 hours; 100K-32 hours; 100 mile-32 hours. When the course closes, you must have completed your distance (or dropped) and be off the course. Runners are not officially permitted to continue under any circumstance past 4 PM Sunday.

Remember, runners are not allowed to leave the course (includes start/finish, school commons area, adjacent parking lot areas, and restrooms) or have any type of transportation other than their own two feet (and/or hands!) at any time until they are finished.

Only soft soled shoes permitted on the school floors. NO hard soled dress shoes, cycles, or anything else that could mark the floors. This includes metal chair/table legs, etc.

Additional rules/info can be found here.