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Announcing Quest Therapy Consultants as the Presenting Partner for The Pistol Ultra Run!


Quest Therapy Consultants is honored to be named as the Presenting Partner for this year’s Pistol Ultra Run. Quest has partnered with the team at The Pistol Ultra Run to provide incredible care of their runners before, during and after the event. Quest Therapy Consultants will be providing continuous medical support, sports medicine and physical therapy services throughout the entire 30-hour race to help runners deal with the various physical/medical issues that can arise during a winter ultra race.




To help achy tired legs at any point during or after the race, Quest will have the patented NormaTec Pulse Recovery System to help provide "fresh legs faster" with its dynamic air compression boots that massage legs, mobilize fluid and speed recovery. In addition, Quest will be providing pre-race webinars and additional online educational resources to help runners train, equip themselves and prepare to have the most successful ultra race possible.


Got questions or concerns about tackling an ultra race? Ask-a-PT will be a regular feature on The Pistol Ultra Facebook group page. Like the Quest Therapy Consultants Facebook page for even more content about the endurance sports world.


Dr. Jeanne Williams, a sports and orthopedic physical therapist, and the entire Quest team were onsite last year for the entirety of the Pistol, as well as the 48 Hour Ozone Endurance Challenge this past summer, helping several runners work out a variety of aches and pains, allow them to continue and achieve their race goals. Jeanne has even earned the nickname of “#ultradoc” for her work with the Pistol.


To learn more about Jeanne and Quest Therapy Consultants, check out the Quest website at Also, we always appreciate social media love. Please like/follow the Quest Therapy Consultants page on Facebook and Instagram as well as @questptc on Twitter.


If you’re undecided about registering for an event as challenging as an ultra, concerned about doing a new or longer distance or even debating shooting for a big target like the Double Barrel Award, don’t hesitate to register. With award-winning aid stations plus the full medical support that Quest will be providing throughout the event, you’ll have plenty of resources to help get you across that finish line in your Quest for the Pistol!


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