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Drop downs and step ups DURING the race are back!

It's back by popular demand!  You can now drop down or go up in distance DURING the race! We've done this before, but discontinued it due to the overwhelming complexity. However, so many have asked for it back that we worked with our timing company this year to try it again as long as you promise to be patient and understanding. So here's the deal. Sometimes things don't always go as you planned on race day. Sound familiar? Well, we understand and will allow you to drop down to a shorter distance and still be an official finisher. How sweet is that? ☺ Simply sign off that you're done and we'll give you a finishers hat and an official finishing time for the longest official distance you completed. You will NOT receive any finishers award for that distance since you didn't originally sign up for it. You will also not be eligible for any other awards. We will list your finishing time in a separate "Drop Down" class. Note that if you change distances from the longer metric course to the shorter miles course or vice versa, the official distance you are scored at may be longer due to the timing verification locations. For instance, if you're running the 100 miler and complete only four 10 mile loops (40 miles), the official 50K time you are given will be for the next time you crossed a timing mat AFTER 31.0686 miles. It could be several miles later.

You can also step up during the event. Simply notify the timing official (NOT a volunteer) what distance you are stepping up to before you complete your original distance. Same as with dropping down, the actual distance you may have to complete may be longer if you change from the metric course to the miles course or vice versa. The great news is that after payment of the registration fee difference to the Awards staff, you'll score the finishers award for that distance and your results will be included along with the rest of the finishers for that distance.

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