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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I would like to know if it is possible to run in both the 50K and the 50K relay. 

A: Yes, you can certainly run both as a solo runner and as one leg of a relay team (presumably the first leg). You would just need to wear your solo timing chip for the entire race and also the relay team chip for that one relay leg. Then hand it off to the next relay runner at the relay exchange area in the Start/Finish.


Q: How does the two member relay team work??

A: On a two member relay team, one runner will run two legs, and the other just one (in any order they decide).


Q: Where is the relay exchange area?

A: There wil be a marked area (orange pylons, cross bars, and sign) adjacent to the Start/Finish. It is also identified on the Start/Finish Area-Parking Map link here.


Q: What is the trail surface?

A: It is almost all pavement, with just a few short sections of concrete sidewalk. For those who prefer a softer surface, there is grass along side some of the trail.


Q: Hello, I live in the area and was wondering if you are needing volunteers? If possible, I would like take this opportunity to give back to the running community.

A: Certainly! Thanks for offering. Volunteers are need starting 3 days before the event until after it has finished. So it is certainly possible to both volunteer and run in the event too. Simply go to the Volunteer tab in the website menu and click the link  You will be redirected to a volunteer scheduling website where you can choose what works best for you.  You will receive an event volunteer blended sport tee shirt and possibly some other swag as a token of our appreciation for your help. These gifts are enclusively for volunteers only.


Q: I heard there is a Pistol squat contest on Friday during the 5-6 PM pre-race meeting. What is it?

A: Google "Pistol Squat" if you want to see what it is. There will be a demonstration to show correct form, and then a 2 minute Pistol Squat contest. Whoever the judge(s) declare the winners (both male and female) will receive their entry fee back in cash on the spot.


Q: Where do I register?

A: Click here.


Q: Why does the 50 miler start at 8 PM and not in the morning with the rest of the races?

A: For reasons why it's a nighttime race, click here and scroll down to Reasons Why the 50 Miler Begins at 8 PM.


Q: How do I register for both the 50K and the 50 miler so I can get that bad boy Double Barrel pistol award?

A: Click the Registration tab in the website menu, read through the regsitration info carefully and make sure you understand it. Then click on the UltraSignup registration link. Simply select the Double Barrel option you've chosen. (You may want to bring your big boy/girl pants! )


Q: How do I register for the Athena or Clydesdale contests?

A: Simply go to the Athena/Clydesdale check-in booth and get weighed in with your running clothes and shoes just prior to your race. You will then be competing with others in that same class.  For details, scroll down to the Athena/Clydesdale section in this link.


Q: Will there be any pain relievers available?