Hi Pistol Ultra Entrant,

Hope you and yours are having a great holiday weekend! We’ve are madly preparing for another fully loaded Pistol. Wow! It’s gonna be epic! This is a long, info packed update. Please take some time and read it carefully.

There is still a huge need for volunteers. PLEASE get everyone you can to sign up. Many runners also give back by helping when they are not running. Will you too, please? http://pistolultra.com/volunteers

1. This is UPDATE #3
--Updates #1 and #2 on website under the Resource tab

2. Race distance specific info --at the end of this numbered list.

3. Questions? --Use the SEARCH box on the website (in the right lower corner of the scrolling banner pictures). At this point, it is NOT faster to email, text, or message. I am totally consumed with race preparations and a zillion details. But don’t worry. Almost everyone’s questions are already answered by the hundreds of hours spent putting all the details on the website. Usually in the http://www.pistolultra.com/overview-details So please, spend a few minutes to search through the website first. If your question truly is not answered there, I will do my best to answer it, if I can make the time. You can also post it in the FB Group page (NOT the main page).

4. Reaching me --Starting Wednesday AM (Dec 28th) through Monday AM, I will probably not have time to respond to emails, FB posts/messages, text messages, or check phone messages. Understand that you will most likely not get an answer. It’s not because I’m ignoring you. I will be VERY busy getting things ready for and directing a race with over 500 runners. So...search the website, or wait and ask your questions on site at the Changes and Solutions expo station. If you aren't coming, then you can use the website contact portal to let us know, but again --expect no responses until after the race and I’ve had a chance to actually sleep. Thanks for your understanding. Now, where’s my cloning machine?!?!

5. Changing your distance before the race? Will need to wait and be done at check-in. Our check-in lists are finalized and have gone to press.

6. Can’t make it? You can remove your registration through UltraSignup. If you wait until 3 days or less before the event, US will likely show you as a DNS. If you want someone to pick up your swag for you because you won’t be there at all, please follow the website directions (scroll down to Pre-race Check-in/Packet Pick-up): http://pistolultra.com/overview-details

7. Want someone to pick up your bib for you? Sorry, but no. Due to insurance requirements, you MUST be present to sign the waiver, at which time your bib will be issued. NO EXCEPTIONS! We don’t make the rules, so please don’t ask us to break them. Thanks for your cooperation.

8. Runner’s Manual -- There is none. Virtually all of the info that would covered in a Runner's Manual is either on the website or has been addressed in these updates. So we won't be rehashing it in another document.

9. All event times are Eastern Standard Time.

10. Friday Parking: Any parking lot you want.

11. Saturday Parking: You will only be allowed to park in the areas specific to your distance. See map on website. Follow signs/parking volunteers. It will be dark, so allow extra time and be careful. Hundos park near start as they are there a LOT longer.

12. RV Parking: See parking map on website. NO HOOKUPS. Contain all your gray water.

13. Friday Schedule: 2:30-4 pm Lazarus Lake ultrarunner workshop for those registered or can be paid at the door ($10) space permitting. Check-in 3-6 pm. Prerace meeting 5-6 pm. 6-7 pm dinner for those who bought a meal ticket.

14. Check-in tasks: Read signs. Go CLOCKWISE around the expo area. Allow enough time to do the following at check-in: Get bib, get swag bag, stuff your bag with race specific and general swag, get shirt, hoodie, verify chip on bib works, get pacer bib if needed, visit/shop expo vendor booths, look over awards, make your time prediction, make changes if needed, shop at our Pistol Store, visit Gear Swap, write on our posters, and when back outside, take your photo with Maggie (the Mayfield Dairy cow).

15. Shirts for late registrants -- We ordered weeks ago. We chose quantities for unregistered runners based on our magic sauce recipe. If you registered late, and we are close on the count in your size, then your name will be highlighted on the registration list. Get your bib but we won’t mark you as having gotten your shirt(s). You will need to check back to check on available shirts in the Awards area after you finish the race.

16. Changing shirts sizing -- read above.

17. Swag -- Stuff your own swag bag. Why? Several items are sized and some are bulky. Some you may not need/want.

18. Predictions -- There will be lists by distance. Write down your expected finishing time. Closest time wins customized Marksmanship Award.

19. Posters -- These will be like a graffiti board. Read the titles and join the conversations.Write a shout out to your fav runner(s), etc.

20. Athena/Clydesdale --You CAN do general check-in Friday for bib and swag. Just do the CHANGE to Athena/Clydesdale at expo Changes station Saturday AM. You MUST be in race gear only when you weigh in. This change excludes you from age group awards. You are competing for first place in your distance against other Athena/Clydesdale runners. There is an award and prize for overall winner in each distance/gender.

21. Meal tickets -- Additional limited quantity available at Pistol Store. First come, first served.

22. Pistol Store -- Available items -- Books/DVD’s from Lazarus Lake, various short and long sleeved Pistol shirts, gear bags, hats, Hydrapouchs, mugs, Orange Mud wraps, rain ponchos, etc. Check it out!

23. Gels, other goodies -- Available at Eddie's Health Shoppe booth Friday in the expo

24. Gear Swap -- Bring gently used running related item(s) and/or take an item. Available Fri - Sun in expo.

25. Alcoa School Store -- Open Friday 3-6 PM. The store raises funds for the DECA club to go to state competitions. They have many UnderArmour items for sale that are not Alcoa specific as well as Alcoa branded items much cheaper than local stores. Also snacks, drinks. Please support them as the students have come in on New Year's Eve just for us!

26. Door prizes during prerace meeting -- We give away some of the awards the fast people win and a few other goodies. MUST HAVE BIB to win a prize. Sponsors want your photo with the item and bib!

27. Pistol squat contest -- during prerace meeting.

28. Alcoholic beverages --NONE allowed on school property. NO EXCEPTIONS! State law.

29. Guns and Fireworks --NONE allowed on school property. NO EXCEPTIONS! State law. (Pistol awards and starters pistol are exempt)

30. Birthdays -- We have a little something for those with a birthday around race weekend! To be announced at the Saturday pre-race ceremony.


31. Cup free -- means water/sport drink goes in YOUR container(s). We’ll have cups for soda and hot beverages. Hydrapouchs for sale in The Pistol Store.

32. Litter -- NO. NO. NO! Don't put any trash on the ground. You are ultra runners!

33. Portables/toilets -- There are be heated restrooms inside the school. There numerous portables outside on both sides of the Start/Finish area. Then 3 more about 2 miles down the course. Then 2 more a couple miles further at Woody’s Aid Station, then some heated restrooms about a half mile past Woody’s at the lower lollipop. So plenty of restrooms. Please do not use the bushes, etc. These are public trails and in an urban area. We would like to be permitted to have the event in the future. Thanks for your cooperation.

34. Course/Loops -- The course has changed since last time! It is now USATF and IAFF/AIMS certified. Please become familiar with the changes so you don’t get off course. There is no extra mileage award! In general, it is an out and back keyhole type course with a lollipop on the southern end. Detailed info and the maps are posted on the website: http://pistolultra.com/course

35. Course Loops -- TWO types: K-er loops and Miler loops. They are mostly the same, but to get exact distances there are a couple of differences. Brief explanation in distance specific area below. Again, map is on website. Explanation with projector and laser pointer at the Friday meeting. If you’re not there, then make sure you figure it out. Big course map displayed at check-in and during the race.

36. Counting Loops -- Know whether you are a K-er or a Miler. Have a SYSTEM for keeping track of your loops. We are not doing any manual back-up. The volunteers will not know how many loops you have completed. There will be a computer monitor you might be able to check (or you can ask the timers if they are available), but rely on your own system. (Maybe a sharpie hash mark on the back of your hand for each time you pass the start/finish area?)

37. Jumpers -- Look for sign(s): "Photographer ahead" If the photographer gets a good picture of you jumping, you might be a winner in next year's "Win a % off entry contest!". Your goal is to get more Facebook likes on your picture than Andrew Wetterer, the 2016 champion. (Sorry Andrew! ) He had something like 400ish. Be sure to jump only at the designated line on the course. If before/after, the photographer will likely miss you.

38. Timing mats -- Besides the mats at the start/finish area, there is one past the Woody Aid Station at the southern end of the lollipop. Then at the upper end, there’s one at the Miler turnaround , and one at the K-er turnaround. To be an official finisher, you must cross all the mats applicable to your distance EACH loop.

39. 24 Hour Splits --All 100-mile participants will receive a 24-hour split time for distance completed in 24-hours based on their last on-course split time recorded before 24-hours. Those times will be ranked in a separate report for all 100-mile participants. Any 100-mile participant who finishes 100-miles under 24-hours may continue to run for 24-hours and will receive additional mileage credit for mileage over 100-miles run in 24-hours. (There are no additional awards for doing this.) The 24-hour report will show results sorted by total distance then time.If further questions, consult with the timers.

40. Double Barrel Contestants -- Besides being especially crazy, y’all need to be sure to remove your 50K bib as soon as you complete the 50K, put it away, then put the 50 miler bib on just prior to starting the 50 miler. Otherwise, our timers may have a heart-to-heart talk with you about how your results will be less than wonderful! :-)

41. Changing Distance during the race --You MUST see the timers to do this. No exceptions!

42. Sport Drink: Tailwind - mostly orange, some lemon, and bit of naked and berry.

43. Runner tracking link (as long as the technology works!) -- Those following you can also sign up for notifications here (link on website homepage too): http://my3.raceresult.com/64491/

44. Emergency responders -- Blount County Rescue Squad will be at both aid stations during Saturday night. Also in the Main Aid station and in The Pistol Corral next to the warming tent.

45. PT aid/First aid: Dr. Jeanne Williams (Quest Therapy Consultants) will be providing PT and limited first aid triage at the Pistol corral and Main Aid Station during much of the event. She will also have the NormaTec Pulse Recovery system for onsite sessions. Be sure to visit her expo booth for details on how it can significantly help your post race recovery.

46. Warming areas -- for if you get cold -- at both aid stations during night. If you get REALLY cold, there will be very warm hypothermia treatment tent, inside by the Quest Therapy Consultants next to the First Aid station.

47. Phone charging station
INSIDE expo area next to Results Kiosk in expo area. We are not responsible for items left there.

48. Results Kiosk INSIDE expo area and out by timing tent

49. Lost and Found INSIDE expo area next to Results Kiosk in expo area

50. CREW -- There are designated runner self support locations. See parking map. See website for other restrictions. Violators may be required to run another hundo (with NO buckle award)! ;-)

51. Last Draw Award/Prize -- Logoed fleece blanket for the last official hundo runner to finish


52. Awards Area -- This year we have a finishing chute leading right back inside the school commons area. This chute is for finishers only! Finishing awards will be on table by race distance.

53. Awards Area To-Do’s:

· Get your printed results from volunteer just inside door

· Check in at overall winners and age group winner's table if you placed

· Exit to Pistol Cafe for finisher's food (pizza, chocolate milk, fruit, other goodies)

54. Awards vs. Prizes for overall and age group: Awards are what you get --plaque or plate to commemorate your achievement. Prizes are given as a reward. Prizes include physical items from sponsors, and certificates from sponsors to redeem for physical items.

55. Showers -- Yes. Short walk (or drive) away at old high school. See parking map. Follow signs. Hopefully the water will be warm! :-)

56. Non-Runner Food (at The Pistol Cafe) -- We expect to have some food for sale for non-runners. Bring your money!

57. Pistol Store (by the Pistol Cafe) -- We expect to have The Pistol Store open during the event. Come by and check it out!

Distance Specific Info

K-ers COURSE differences:

· K-ers and milers follow the same course all the way south past the Woody Aid station about a half mile, then go around the lollipop (across a timing mat) and return back past the Woody aids Station up to the start/finish.

· Continue on past the Start/Finish to the north for about 1/3 mile and cross the miler timing mat and continue on less that 2/10’s of a mile to the second timing mat (be sure to follow color coordinated signs for K-ers), and then return back to the Start/Finish.This completes one 10.35 mile loop.


· Only the captain picks up a team bib with the team's CHIP at check-in. All team members must get their own bib and wear it during the race.

· There is a relay change leg CHIP area by Awards Booth. Look for sign.

· If possible, come through for your finishers' awards by team.


100 K

· Finishers get a USB GUN on stand, finisher’s shirt and visor


MILERS COURSE differences:

· Both course are exactly the same south of the Start/Finish. The only difference is the short section at the upper (north) end above the Start/Finish. The milers simply turn around a bit sooner than the K-ers. Be sure to follow color coordinated signs for milers, cross the 1st timing mat, then turn around and return to the Start/Finish, and you’re golden (at least for that 10.0 mile loop). :-)

100 M

· Finishers get a BUCKLE stand, finisher’s shirt and visor

50 Mile

· Check-in: 6:30-7:30 pm Saturday night at Awards area (or come to the other check-ins).

· Bibs--Bibs must NOT NOT NOT get within 6 feet of ANY timing mat after 8 am Sat morning, until we start the race.

· Starting Assembly area (7:50 PM) --on the sidewalk next to the start/finish arch

· Finishers get a MEDAL, finisher’s shirt and visor


WEATHER: Currently forecasted to be partly cloudy sunny Saturday. Highs- mid/upper 40's, lows mid 30's. Sunday temps are similar. The current predictions vary. Some have a chance of rain starting around midnight and increasing to 58% thru Sunday morning. Others have no rain. So take your pick. Of course it’s almost guaranteed that the weather will change between now and then anyway. We say here if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes! :-)

SPONSOR DISCOUNT: Blue Ridge Outdoors has extended a shopping link/discount 20% everything in the shop. Enter code"PISTOL20" at checkout. Here’s the store link: shop.blueridgeoutdoors.com

Whew! That is it for now. I hope you and yours have a great Christmas!

This will likely be the last update unless something important comes up prior to the event..

Safe travels and we’ll see you soon at The Pistol New Year’s Eve party!